Adrian Amsterdan 2018 JR chef winner

About Junior Chef

The Junior Chef Culinary Competition, sponsored by Grace Foods Canada Inc., is a part of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Junior Showcase. As we celebrate 52 years of Toronto Carnival, we would like to present the One Love Edition of the Grace Junior Chef Culinary competition.

The competition provides a platform for young aspiring chefs to demonstrate their culinary skills and promote passion for healthy eating and lifestyle with their first cooking teacher their “Parents”.

The competition is aimed at spreading Caribbean Gastronomical Culture by using local products with Caribbean flavours inspired by Grace Foods.  The winner of the prior year will be automatically entered to defend their title.

The competition

The competition is open to youths ages 9-14
with a paternal/maternal parent or Guardian.

  • The winner of the 2018 competition will be automatically entered to defend their title.
  • Junior chefs and parents (contestants) are required to submit an application package with a healthy choice recipe utilizing the following Mandatory ingredients:
  • Grace Coconut Milk (you may use anyone of the Grace coconut milk products)
  • Grace Scotch Bonnet Jerk Seasoning
  • (Please note that you may also use any other Grace product in your recipe as needed)
  • The recipe must be created for use on a BBQ grill, and prepared for the following meal options: lunch or dinner (no breakfast submission will be accepted). A full list of Grace Foods’ products is available on .
  • Application deadline and recipe submission is June 28th 2019.
  • Six (6) Junior chefs and their parents will be selected by the competition’s consulting chefs by July 5th 2019 to compete in the final competition. There will be a mandatory orientation session where the seven (7) contestants and their parents will meet with guest speakers, including professional chefs and representatives from the Toronto Public Health Department.  


  • A Grace Gift Bag with a value of $25.00 along with required Grace Products for the recipe will be presented to each competitor.
  • Gift cards valued at a minimum of $75.00 will be given to contestants to purchase non Grace Ingredients and utensils.
  • Grace Aprons hats etc.


  • Finals’ winners to receive on July 20, 2019:
  • First Place Prize $700.00 CAD
    Second Place Prize $500.00 CAD
    Third Place Prize $300.00 CAD
  • Consolation prizes will be given to contestants that did not place in
    the top 3.
  • All decisions of the judges are final.
  • We would like to thank you in advance for your participation and
    attendance at our upcoming 2019 Junior Chef Culinary Challenge.
    Your creative recipes and enthusiasm is going to make this event a
    great success! Best of luck to all our competing Chefs and their

important dates

June 28th, 2019
Application Package Deadline 

  • The application package must be completed and submitted.
  • Recipe submission. Please note that the recipe submitted with the application will be the only recipe accepted for judging and presentation. It would be to your advantage to ensure the recipe submitted meets and excels in judging criteria.
  • Signed parental and/ or legal guardian consent to participate in the event.
  • The application form can be completed online; please visit to submit your recipe!


July 6th, 2019

  • Six (6) contestants and their parents will be selected
    for the final competition.
  • The contestants will be selected by our consulting Chefs and
    our Celebrity Chef Head Judge La-toya Fagon, based on the originality of the recipe submitted and use of Grace products.
  • Contestants will be notified by phone or email if they have been

July 3 rd 201
Junior Carnival Media Launch Malvern Town Centre.

Please note that participation and attendance is mandatory for
this event.

July 18th, 2019
Orientation Session
Attendance is mandatory for all selected participants.

  • Waiver forms for participation must be signed.
  • Guest speakers from the Toronto Public Health Department to
    discuss the Food Safety.
  • Health and Wellness Coach to educate contestants on healthy
    living (food & exercise). “Safety in the Kitchen” presentation by professional chefs covering important information regarding food prep and handling, working sharp knives, stoves/various cooking utensils, food plating and presentation for the competition.

July 20th, 2019

Finals – 3:00pm-5:30pm
Junior Carnival
Neilson Park, Scarborough

  • The contestants will be given 90 minutes to prepare, cook and
    present their recipe.
  • Photos of final plated dishes will be taken before being
    presented to Judges.
  • The Judge will taste and judge each recipe according to the
    judging criteria found at the bottom of this page.

Things to know

  • Mandatory dress code for all competitors: food handling attire (clean
    black pants, shirt, closed shoes with socks, Grace hat, and Grace
  • Contestants will have a total of 90 minutes to complete the following:
  • Prepare and cook the ingredients.
  • Plate and present their final dish to the judges.
    All BBQ Grills and dish for final plating will be supplied by Grace
    Contestants will be responsible for ensuring all of their ingredients
    and utensils are on site the day of the competition.
    It is highly recommended to practice your recipe and techniques prior
    to the competition to better highlight your skills.
  • The meal should have the appropriate accompaniments,
    garnishes, and sauces to create a balanced plate.
  • Contestants must demonstrate clean, tidy, colorful, appetizing
    presentation and flavor combinations should be displayed.
  • Guest consulting chefs will be available during the competition
    providing hands-off guidance in cooking techniques and safety
    during the preparation of dishes as needed.
    Competitors will be penalized in scoring if plates are not delivered to
    judges within the allotted time. Meal must be presented within 90
    minutes of starting time.
  • There will be a 1 point deduction for each minute late (with a
    maximum of a 5 minute delay).
  • An assistant will help in cleaning and delivering plates to the
  • There will be a 5 point deduction if the station is not cleaned
    after exiting.

Supporting Partners


  1. In entering the Competition, the entrant grants Grace Foods Canada Inc., it’s agents, and/or it’s representatives, permission to store and/or use the personal information submitted with the entry for Competition administration and in accordance with Grace Foods Canada Inc. Privacy Policy.
  2. In entering the competition, the entrant releases and agrees to keep Grace Foods Canada Inc. indemnified from any claim, demand, cost, tax, liability, or damage resulting from entry.
  3. Grace Foods Canada Inc. is not responsible for any technical error that may occur during entry, including, but not limited to, any omission, deletion, defect, delay, interruption in the operation, transmission, or failure of any cable, telephone, mobile, satellite, or any other network used by the entrant when subscribing and/or entering the Competition.
  4. All Competitions are subject to applicable federal, provincial, and municipal laws, and are void where prohibited by law. The decisions of Grace Foods Canada Inc. with respect to all aspects of the Competition are final and binding to all entrants, without right of appeal.
  5. Grace Foods Canada Inc. may, at any time, update, limit, extend, or revise these Rules and Regulations. It is imperative you periodically check these Rules and Regulations to keep up to date.
  6. Grace Foods Canada Inc. may modify, suspend, or cancel the Competition in the event of any accident in publishing and/or administration, any other error, or for any other reason, without advance notice.

These Rules and Regulations constitute the entire agreement between you and Grace Foods Canada Inc. regarding entry in a Grace Foods Canada Inc. Competition.

The judging panel is comprised of three judges. The contestants will be judged using a 50-point scale distributed as follows:


Sanitation, Food Handling and Organization……………………….. 0-10

Serving Methods and Presentation (fresh and colourful, easy to eat, closely placed items, stylish but practical)…………………………………….. 0-10

Creativity (utilization of Grace Food’s products) and Ingredient Compatibility (are the ingredients used properly to compliment with other ingredients heightening color, flavor and texture?)………………………………… 0-15

Culinary and Cooking Techniques, Proper Execution and Doneness 0-10

Timing/Workflow (1 point deducted for each minute late; max 5 minutes) 0-5

Application form

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Petronilla Marchan. (416) 797  8200

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